Soft Round Pastels Single Sticks

Art Spectrum® Soft Round Pastels are hand made using the finest lightfast pigments with maximum pigment concentration and minimum binding agent, triple milled to bring out the finest colour and provide the rich, velvety bloom valued by the pastel artist.

Art Spectrum® Soft Round Pastels range from subtle and delicate tints to brilliant and intense pure colours through to smouldering darks. All Art Spectrum® pure pigment pastels are free from heavy metals, asbestos or other toxic substances and do not contain any animals fats.

Art Spectrum® Soft Round Pastel size: 70 x 12mm.


Understanding Art Spectrum® Soft Round Pastel Shades and how they relate to their codes

N Nero (dark)
P Pure Pigment
T Tinted
V Very Tinted
X Extra Tinted
XSP Extra Soft Pastel


Description D – Darkest N – Dark (Nero) P – Pure Pigment T – Tinted V – Very Tinted X – Extra Tinted
Lemon Yellow 502P 502T 502X
Spectrum Yellow 504P 504T 504V 504X
Golden Yellow 509P 509T 509V
Spectrum Orange 506P506P 506T506T 506X506X
Coral 507P 507T
Poppy Red 511P
Spectrum Red 508P 508T 508V
Spectrum Red Deep 510P 510T
Crimson 512P 512T 512V 512X
Bordeaux 513N 513P 513T 513V 513X
Permanent Rose 514P 514T
Flinders Red Violet 517D 517N 517P 517T 517V 517X
Flinders Blue Violet 520D 520N 520P 520T 520V 520X
Jacaranda 522P522P 522T522T 522V522V 522X522X
Prussian Blue 528D 528P 528T
Indigo 534P 534T 534V
Blue Grey 527P 527T 527V
Ultramarine Blue 526N 526P 526T 526V 526X
Spectrum Blue 524P524P 524T
Tasman Blue 523P 523T
Phthalo Blue 530N 530P 530T 530V 530X
Turquoise 535P 535T
Australian Leaf Green Blue 578P 578T 578V
Phthalo Green 570D 570N 570P 570T 570V 570X
Yellow Green 572P 572T
Grass Green 573N 573P 573T 573V
Terre Verte 560P 560T
Oxide Of Chromium 562P 562T
Green Grey 574N 574P 574T
Australian Leaf Green Dark 576P
Australian Leaf Green Light 580P 580T 580V
Greenish Umber 579N 579P 579T
Raw Sienna 544P 544T 544V
Yellow Ochre 540P 540T 540V 540X
Naples Yellow 542P
Burnt Umber 552D 552N 552P 552T 552V 552X
Australian Red Gold 549P 549T 549V
Burnt Sienna 548N 548P 548T 548V 548X
Light Red 546P 546T
Pilbara Red 518N518N 518P 518T
Caput Mortuum 554N 554P 554T 554V 554X
Australian Grey 596P_8148596P
Raw Umber 550N 550P 550T 550V 550X
Cool Grey 582N 582P 582T_8148582T 582V_8148582V 582X_8148582X
Warm Grey 584N_8148584N 584P_8148584P 584T_8148584T 584V_8148584V 584X_8148584X
Warm White 501P
Titanium White 500P500P
Ivory Black 598P598P
Lamp Black 599P599P