Raw Umber Round Pastel Shades

Art Spectrum® Raw Umber Soft Round Pastel shades.

Raw Umber is a cool, greenish brown earth pigment with a rich organic quality. It takes its name from both the particular clay that it’s made from, umber, which in Latin means ‘shadow’ and from the name of the Italian region of Umbria where much of it was sourced during the Renaissance and earlier. It is found all over the world. Like Burnt Sienna and many of the other earth pigments, Umber has been in use by humans for thousands of years. The pigment umber gets its particular  colour from the traces of iron and manganese.

Unlike the lighter shades of Raw Umber, this darker shade is created from a base of Chome Green Oxide (the same Green used to print US currency) and Mars Yellow. We’ve given it even more strength with the addition of a hint of Mars Black and Venetian Red.


 Raw Umber 550N  

PBk11; PG17; PR101; PY42

 Raw Umber 550P  

PG17; PR101; PY42; PBk11

 Raw Umber 550T  

PG17; PR101; PY42; PW6; PBk11

Raw Umber 550V  

PW6; PBr7; PG7

 Raw Umber 550X  

PW6; PBr7; PG7