Spectrum Red Round Pastel Shade

Art Spectrum® Spectrum Red Soft Round Pastel shades.

Spectrum Red is a luscious full bodied and warm red with less of an orange hue than the exuberant Poppy Red.  The lighter hues of Spectrum Red add some full bodied pinks to the palette.

It’s been designed to fulfil some of the main purposes as a traditional Cadmium, but using a modern alternative pigment, Naphthol Red (PR 112), which is one of the most popular reds in use by artists today. Incidentally, the name Naphthol applies to an extensive range of pigments, ranging from orange reds to violets. They are produced from two isomeric derivatives of naphthalene. Interestingly, while alpha-Naphthols are used in pigments and dyes, beta-Naphthols are used in the manufacturing of some antiseptics and antioxidants.


   Spectrum Red 508P  


   Spectrum Red 508T  

PW6, PR112

   Spectrum Red 508V  

PW6, PR112