Finest Artists’ Oils

Art Spectrum® Professional Quality Artists’ Oil Colour is Australia’s most respected oil paint.

Art Spectrum® is proudly Australian owned and has been manufacturing for 50 years using the highest quality lightfast pigments which are triple-milled with traditional methods using the purest of linseed oil.

Many unique and beautiful ‘Australian’ colours feature in the 105 oil colour range with series from 1 to 5.

Art Spectrum® Artists’ Oil Colour is available in 40ml & 150ml tubes, 300ml cartridges, 500ml, 1 litre & 4 litres tins.

Art Spectrum®  introduces of 16 Brand new oil colours





Name Series 40ml 150ml 300ml 500ml 1Lt 4Lt
Titanium Yellow 2 TY4 TY1 TY5
Lemon Yellow 1 LY4 LY1 LY300 LY5
Cadmium Yellow Light 4 YL4 YL1 YL300 YL5
Spectrum Yellow 1 Y4 Y1 Y300 Y5
Aureolin 5 AU4 AU1  AU5
Cadmium Yellow 4 YE4 YE1 YE300 YE5
Golden Yellow 2 GY4 GY1 GY300F8 GY5
Indian Yellow 2 IY4 IY1 IY300 IY5
Cadmium Yellow Deep 4 YD4 YD1 YD300 YD5
Spectrum Orange 1 O4 O1 O300 O5
Cadmium Orange 4 OR4 OR1 OR5
**NEW** Pyrrole Orange 5 PO4 PO1 PO300 PO5
Coral 3 COR4 COR1 COR5
Cadmium Scarlet 4 CS4 CS1 CS5
Spectrum Red 1 R4 R1 R300 R5
**NEW** Naphthol Red 3 NR4 NR1 NR300 NR5
Spectrum Vermilion 1 V4 V1 V300 V5
**NEW** Pyrrole Red 4 PYR4 PYR1 PYR300 PYR5
Cadmium Red 4 RE4 RE1 RE300 RE5
Spectrum Red Deep 1 RD4 RD1 RD300 RD5
Dusty Pink 1 F4 F1 F300 F5
Dusty Pink Deep 1 FD4 FD1 FD5
Rose Dore 4 RO4 RO1 RO5
Rose Madder 5 RM4 RM1 RMA5
**NEW** Vibrant Pink 3 VIP4 VIP1 VIP300 VIP5
Spectrum Crimson 1 CR4 CR1 CR300 CR5
Permanent Rose 4 PE4 PE1 PE300 PE5
**NEW** Quinacridone Red 4 QR4 QR1 QR300 QR5
Alizarin Crimson 4 A4 A1 A300 A5
Permanent Crimson 3 PC4 PC1 PC300 PC5
Pilbara Red 3 P4 P1 P300 P5
**NEW** Perylene Red 3 PER4 PER1 PER300 PER5
Cadmium Red Deep 4 CRD4 CRD1 CRD5
Quinacridone Maroon 4 QM4 QM1 QM5
Cadmium Maroon 5 CM4 CM1 CM5
Flinders Red Violet 3 FR4 FR1 FR300 FR5
**NEW** Quinacridone Violet 4 QV4 QV1 QV300 QV5
Permanent Magenta 3 MG4 MG1 MG300 MG5
**NEW** Quinacridone Magenta 4 QMA4 QMA1 QMA300 QMA5
**NEW** Vibrant Magenta 2 VIM4 VIM1 VIM300 VIM5
Cobalt Violet 5 CV4 CV1 CV5
Cobalt Violet Dark 5 CVD4 CVD1 CVD5
Spectrum Violet 1 VI4 VI1 VI300 VI5
Flinders Blue Violet 3 FB4 FB1 FB300 FB5
Flinders Blue Violet Dark 3 FBVD4 FBVD1 FBVD5
Mineral Violet 4 MI4 MI1 MI5
Permanent Mauve 2 PM4 PM1 PM300 PM5
Lilac 2 LI4 LI1 LI300 LI5
**NEW** Vibrant Blue 2 VIB4 VIB1 VIB300 VIB5
Tasman Blue 3 T4 T1 T300 T5
French Ultramarine 3 FU4 FU1 FU300 FU5
Ultramarine Blue 1 U4 U1 U300 U5
**NEW** Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade) 2 UG4 UG1 UG300 UG5
Spectrum Blue 1 SB4 SB1 SB300 SB5
Cobalt Blue 4 CB4 CB1 CB300 CB5
Cobalt Blue Deep 4 CBD4 CBD1 CBD5
Phthalo Blue  1 PB4 PB1 PB300 PB5
**NEW** Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) 3 RB4 RB1 RB300 RB5
Manganese Blue Hue 1 MH4 MH1 MH300 MH5
Spectrum Cerulean 1 SC4 SC1 SC300 SC5
Cerulean Blue 4 CE4 CE1 CE300 CE5
Prussian Blue 1 PR4 PR1 PR300 PR5
Indigo Blue 2 IB4 IB1 IB300 IB5
Sapphire 2 SA4 SA1 SA300 SA5
Turquoise 3 TQ4 TQ1 TQ300 TQ5
Cobalt Green 4 COG4 COG1 COG5
Australian Leaf Green Blue 3 AB4 AB1 AB5
Spectrum Emerald 1 E4 E1 E300 E5
Viridian 4 VR4 VR1 VR300 VR5
Phthalo Green 1 PG4 PG1 PG300 PG5
**NEW** Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) 3 YG4 YG1 YG300 YG5
Spectrum Viridian 1 SV4 SV1 SV300 SV5
Terre Verte 1 TV4 TV1 TV300 TV5
Terre Verte Traditional 1 TVT4 TVT1 TVT300 TVT5
Oxide Of Chromium 3 OX4 OX1 OX5
Cadmium Green 4 GR4 GR1 GR5
**NEW** Vibrant Green 2 VIG4 VIG1 VIG300 VIG5
Spectrum Green Light 1 SGL4 SGL1 SGL300 SGL5
Australian Leaf Green Light 3 AL4 AL1 AL5
Australian Green Gold 3 AGG4 AGG1 AGG5
Australian Leaf Green Dark 3 AD4 AD1 AD5
Sap Green 2 SG4 SG1 SG300 SG5
Olive Green 2 OG4 OG1 OG300 OG5
Australian Yellow Green 2 AYG4 AYG1 AYG5
Australian Green Grey 1 AGGR4 AGGR1 AGGR5
Australian Grey 2 AG4 AG1 AG300 AG5
Naples Yellow 1 NY4 NY1 NY300 NY5
Jaune Brilliant 1 J4 J1 J300 J5
Naples Yellow Reddish 1 NYR4 NYR1 NYR300 NYR5
Yellow Ochre 1 YO4 YO1 YO300 YO5
Transparent Gold Oxide 2 TG4 TG1 TG300 TG5
Raw Sienna 1 RS4 RS1 RS300 RS5
Italian Pink 3 IP4 IP1 IP5
Australian Red Gold 3 RG4 RG1 RG300 RG5
Transparent Pink Oxide 1 TPO4 TPO1 TPO5
Transparent Orange Oxide 1 TOO4 TOO1 TOO5
Transparent Red Oxide 2 TRO4 TRO1 TRO5
Burnt Sienna 1 BS4 BS1 BS300 BS5
Brown Pink 3 BP4 BP1 BP5
Burnt Umber 1 BU4 BU1 BU300 BU5
Transparent Brown Earth 1 TBE4 TBE1 TBE5
Light Red 1 LR4 LR1 LR300 LR5
Indian Red 1 I4 I1 I5
Mars Violet 1 MV4 MV1 MV5
Permanent Van Dyke Brown 1 VD4 VD1 VD300 VD5
Raw Umber 1 RU4 RU1 RU300 RU5
Gold 3 GO4 GO1 GO5
Silver 3 SI4  SI1 SI5
Copper 3 CO4 CO1
Bronze 3 BR4 BR1
Paynes Grey 1 G4 G1 G300 G5
Transparent Black 1 TB4 TB1 TB300 TB5
Ivory Black 1 B4 B1 B300 B5
Lamp Black 1 LB4 LB1 LB300 LB5
**NEW** Mars Black 1 MAB4 MAB1 MAB300 MAB5
Zinc White 1 Z4 Z1 Z300 Z5 Z1L Z4L
Titanium White 1 W4 W1 W300 W5 W1L W4L
Titanium White No.2 2 W24 W21 W2300 W25
Underpainting White 1 UW4 UW1 UW5
Spectrum Clear 2 C4 C1 C5
**NEW** Unbleached Titanium 1 UT4 UT1 UT300 UT5