Pilbara Red – Session 3

Available Sizes:

40ml 150ml 500ml
P4 P1 P5

Art Spectrum® Pilbara Red is a rich, mahogany red with subtle violet overtones.

The masstone is deep and rich and almost black but applied thinly with a little Art Spectrum® Australian Grey or white it reveals a delicate pink.

Inspired by the rich blue-hazed reds of Australia’s ironstone ranges. It has the subtle and elusive quality typical of so many colours in the Australian landscape, and while it is seen en masse in the Pilbara, it is present over most of the country in the deep rich shadows of rocks and trees (Pilbara masstone) and in delicate transparent earth reds (Pilbara undertone).

Pigments Lightfastness Permanence Transparent/Opaque
PV19, PR101, PBr7 ASTMI ****

ASTM Approved Permanent Colours American Society for Testing and Materials, conforming to standard D4302-90.