Oil Mediums

Art Spectrum® Oil painting mediums are based on sound painting principles. Today’s advanced testing indicates that the use of turpentine alone as a dilutent for oil paints is to be avoided, as it is too easy to destroy the binder and benefits of carefully milled paint. Sound painting principles involve painting from ‘lean’ mixtures to ‘fat’ mixtures of paint – essential when paintings are completed over a period of time. This ‘fat over lean’ technique prevents cracking in the paint film during drying.

Painting with oil paint should be no more involved than working with a water-based paint. For instance, Art Spectrum mediums are used to thin oil paint just as water or binding mediums are used with acrylics. Wax or fillers are added to oil paints just as impasto mediums are added to acrylics. Pure soap and water are used for cleaning brushes with both types of paint.

The ‘lean to fat’ rule

When one layer of oil paint contains an equal amount of oil as the next layer, the top layer will dry while the bottom layer will be deprived of oxygen and remain wet. This will cause wrinkling and eventually cracking. To prevent this problem, use Artists’ Oil Painting Medium No. 1 first and then Artists’ Oil Painting Medium No. 2 for subsequent layers. This will give an even tension throughout the painting. This method is known as ‘lean to fat’.

Painting Medium No. 3 is viscous and ‘fatter’ for those who like a heavier medium. It should be used over the leaner mediums.

(NB: ‘Lean’ and ‘fat’ should not be confused with ‘thick’ and ‘thin’. A lean paint can be very stiff and go on thickly while a fat paint may have so much oil in it that it goes on thinly.)

Mediums 100ml CODE 500ml CODE 1lt CODE 4lt CODE 40ml CODE 150ml CODE
No.1-Medium Painting Medium No.1 M11 M15 M1L M14
No.2-Medium Painting Medium No.2 M21 M25 M21L M24
No.3-Medium Painting Medium No.3 M31 M35 M31L M34
No.4-Medium Liquol Medium (formerly Painting Medium No.4) M41 M45 M41L M44
Refined-Linseed-Oil Refined Linseed Oil L1 L5 L1L L14
Stand-Oil Stand Linseed Oil S1 S5 S1L S4
Lean-Medium Lean Medium (Reduced Odour) LM1 LM5 LM1L LM4
Fat-Medium Fat Medium (Reduced Odour) FM1 FM5
Wax-Medium Wax Medium WM1 WM5 WM1L
Glazing-Gel Glazing Gel  GG5 GG4 GG1
Spectrum Clear Oil Paint C5 C4 C1
Oil Solvents & Cleaners 100ml CODE 500ml CODE 1lt CODE 4lt CODE 250ml 500ml
Pure-Gum-Turps Pure Gum Turpentine GT1 GT5 GT1L GT4
Artist's-Turps Artist Turpentine AT1 AT5 AT1L AT4
Odourless-Solvent Odourless Solvent ODS1 ODS5 ODS1L ODS4
Art-Clean Art Clean AC5 AC1 AC4
Citrus-Turps Citrus Turpentine CT1 CT5 CT1L CT4
Varnishes 100ml  500ml  1lt  4lt  250ml 500ml
HAND & BRUSH CLEAER Hand & Brush Cleaner HBC1 HBC5
Damar-Varnish Damar Varnish D1 D5 D1L D4
Gloss-Varnish Gloss Varnish PV1 PV5 PV1L
Retouch-Varnish Retouch Varnish RV1 RV5 RV1L
Matt-Wax-Varnish Matt Wax Varnish MW2 MW5