Matt Wax Varnish

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250ml 500ml

Art Spectrum® Matt Wax Varnish is a satin matt varnish made from beeswax and natural resin.

Art Spectrum® Matt Wax Varnish needs to be fully dry before buffing.

Depending on environmental conditions (heat, cold, humidity, etc) and the thickness of the application, it would usually take a minimum of 2-3 days to fully dry.

If the varnish is moved around when buffing or you are not seeing a sheen once buffed, it has not completely dried.

Matt Wax Varnish can be rubbed and buffed to a sheen with a lint-free cloth (100% Polyester cloths are best to use on any artwork as they will not shed lint like cotton blends)

Use Art Spectrum® Gum Turpentine as solvent.