Watercolour Mediums


Name Description 50ml 100ml 500ml
Masking Fluid Art Spectrum® Masking Fluid is a pigmented rubber latex-based liquid used for masking out areas. The coloured tint allows the artist to see the areas where it has been applied. MF1 MF5
Colourless Masking Fluid Art Spectrum® Colourless (White), Masking Fluid is a unpigmented rubber latex-based liquid used for masking out areas. It can be used on lightly sized paper where there is a risk of staining from pigmented Masking Fluid. CMF1
Synthetic Ox Gall Art Spectrum® Synthetic Ox Gall is a traditional wetting agent that enhances the flow of watercolour and gouache. It improves adhesion on less absorbent surfaces and will clean greasy finger marks from paper prior to painting. Add a drop or two to he water used to dampen the paper. OX
Gum Arabic Art Spectrum® Gum Arabic increases the brilliance and transparency of watercolours and gouache. Imparts a low gloss, controls spread when overpainting wet on wet. GA50  GA5