Artists’ Watercolour

In accordance with proven traditional methods of production, all Art Spectrum® Artists’ Watercolours are carefully triple-roll milled to enhance the individual brilliance of each selected permanent pigment and to maximise its handling qualities.

Successful watercolours depend on selecting the best quality paper, the permanence and brilliance of the pigments and the use of a wide variety of quality brushes.

Available in 10ml tubes. Series 1-4.

We do not recommend using Art Spectrum® Artists’ Watercolours as pans.

Watercolours 10ml Series
Chinese White WW10 1
Lemon Yellow WLY10 1
Cadmium Yellow Pale WYP10 4
Spectrum Yellow WY10 1
Cadmium Yellow WYE10 4
Cadmium Yellow Deep WYD10 4
Aureolin WAU10 4
Permanent Gamboge WGA10 3
Permanent Indian Yellow WIY10 3
Cadmium Orange WO10 4
Permanent Orange WO10 3
Coral WC10 3
Vermilion Permanent WVP10 3
Spectrum Red WR10 1
Cadmium Red WRE10 4
Brilliant Red WBR10 3
Cadmium Deep Red WCRD10 4
Pilbara Red WP10 3
Spectrum Crimson WCR10 1
Permanent Crimson WPC10 3
Rose Madder WRM10 4
Permanent Rose WRO10 3
Permanent Magenta WMG10 3
Flinders Red Violet WFR10 3
Cobalt Violet WCV10 4
Ultramarine Violet WUV10 3
Permanent Mauve WPM10 3
Flinders Blue (Mineral Violet) WMV10 4
French Ultramarine WFU10 3
Ultramarine Blue WUB10 1
Cobalt Blue WCB10 4
Spectrum Blue WSB10 1
Prussian Blue WPR10 1
Indigo Blue WI10 1
Phthalo Blue WPB10 1
Antwerp Blue WAB10 1
Cerulean Blue WCE10 4
Tasman Blue WT10 2
Australian Turquoise WTQ10 4
Viridian WVR10 4
Phthalo Green WPG10 1
Australian Leaf Green Dark WAD10 3
Olive Green Permanent WOG10 2
Hookers Green Permanent WHG10 2
Oxide of Chromium WOC10 2
Australian Green Gold WAG10 3
Sap Green Permanent WSG10 3
Australian Grey WAG10 2
Naples Yellow WNY10 1
Naples Yellow Reddish WNYR10 1
Yellow Ochre WYO10 1
Raw Sienna Light Hue WRS10 1
Raw Sienna Natural Deep WRSND10 1
Burnt Sienna Hue WBS10 1
Burnt Sienna Natural WBSN10 1
Australian Red Gold WRG10 3
Light Red WLR10 1
Indian Red WIR10 1
Raw Umber WRU10 1
Burnt Umber WBU10 1
Mars Violet WV10 2
Warm Sepia WWS10 1
Sepia WS10 1
Paynes Grey WG10 1
Neutral Tint WNT10 3
Ivory Black WIB10 1
Lamp Black WLB1- 1