Cadmium Red Deep – Series 4








Available Sizes:

40ml 150ml 300ml 500ml

Art Spectrum® Cadmium Red Deep is the richest in value of our Cadmium Red colours and leans towards a maroon shade displaying distinct bluish undertones.

Art Spectrum® Cadmium Red Deep high quality pigment used in this formulation is inorganic, opaque and has a high tinting strength.

The final version of Art Spectrum® Cadmium Red Deep owes its existence to the guidance of renowned Australian artist Arthur Boyd.

David Keys Senior, the founder of Art Spectrum®, along with Arthur who imparted his wealth of colour mixing knowledge, and the result of this collaborative effort is a hue that is an integral part of todays’ Art Spectrum® oil colour range.


Pigments Lightfastness Permanence Transparent/Opaque
PR108 ASTMI ****

ASTM Approved Permanent Colours American Society for Testing and Materials, conforming to standard D4302-90.