Titanium White No. 2 – Series 2

Available Sizes:

40ml 150ml 300ml 500ml
W24 W21 W2300 W25

Art Spectrum® Titanium White No. 2 is formulated with more pigment and less oil than our standard Titanium, the Titanium No. 2 is milled for long periods which results in an extremely heavy bodied paint. It is an exceptionally opaque and brilliant white, and because of the heavy body and lower oil content is ideal for impasto work, and a useful replacement for the toxic flake white (lead white).

Pigments Lightfastness Permanence Transparent/Opaque
PW6, PW4 ground in sunflower oil ASTMI ****

ASTM Approved Permanent Colours American Society for Testing and Materials, conforming to standard D4302-90.