Spectrum Viridian – Series 1









Available Sizes:

40ml 150ml 300ml 500ml
SV4 SV1 SV300 SV5

Art Spectrum® Spectrum Viridian is a deep semi-transparent emerald green that is on the cooler side of the spectrum. Slightly muted, Viridian has often been a staple for landscape painters. The name originates from the Latin word for green ‘viridis’. Viridian was first made in 1838 in Paris by the colourist Binet as a replacement for the dangerous Emerald Green.

Pigments Lightfastness Permanence Transparent/Opaque
PG7, PGI7, PBk7 ASTMI ****

ASTM Approved Permanent Colours American Society for Testing and Materials, conforming to standard D4302-90.