Extra Soft Round Pastels Single Sticks

Art Spectrum® Extra Soft Round Pastels are extra pale colours are ‘the answer to every pastellists’ dream’.

Finishing touches and highlights require a very soft pastel that can apply colour over the top of many layers of previously applied pastel.

Description Code
Warm White Extra Soft Warm White 501XSP
Cool WHITE Extra Soft Cool White 500XSP
Spectrum Orange Extra Soft Spectrum Orange 506XSP
Lemon Yellow Extra Soft Lemon Yellow 502XSP
Flinders Red Violet Extra Soft Flinders Red Violet 517XSP
Phthalo Blue Extra Soft Phthalo Blue 530XSP
Coral Extra Soft Coral 507XSP
Flinders Blue Violet Extra Soft Flinders Blue Violet 520XSP
Ultramarine Blue Extra Soft Ultramarine Blue 526XSP
Phthalo Green Extra Soft Phthalo Green 570XSP
yellow green Extra Soft Yellow Green 572XSP
Cool Grey Extra Soft Cool Grey 582XSP