Australian Leaf Green Blue Pastel Shades

Art Spectrum® Australian Leaf Green Blue Soft Round Pastel shades.

The greens of Europe are a very different colour to those of Australia. The greens of most of our flora are not ‘true’ greens. Art Spectrum® created a range of Australian Leaf Greens which will help the artist to capture the flora of our unique landscape.

These three Australian Leaf Green (Light, Dark and Blue) oil paints applied in various thicknesses will enable the artist to capture sky reflections, massed leaves, sun reflections, and intermixed, many more subtle combinations.

Art Spectrum® Australian Leaf Green Blue is a subtle smoky blue-grey with only a hint of green.

 Australian Leaf Green Blue 578P  

PB15:3, PG17

 Australian Leaf Green Blue 578T  

PB15:3, PG17; PW6

 Australian Leaf Green Blue 578V  

PB15:3, PG17; PW6