Greenish Umber Round Pastel Shades

Art Spectrum® Greenish Umber Soft Round Pastel shades.

This rich earthy brown-green has a voluptuously warm olive character thanks to the blending of the ochre-like Mars Yellow, Oyrazolone Orange, while retaining the strong undertones of Viridian. In fact, it’s the Viridian that sets this colour apart from the slightly more subdued tones of out Raw Umber, which are based on Chrome Green Oxide.

The Viridian works to intensify the greenish ‘raw’ characteristics.


  Greenish Umber 579N  

PG18; PY42; PO13; PBk11

Greenish Umber 579P  

PY42; PG18; PO13

Greenish Umber 579T  

PY42; PG18; PO13