Warm Grey Round Pastel Shades

Art Spectrum® Warm Grey Soft Round Pastel shades.

This beautiful grey is based on Mars Black, one of the most versatile black pigments which is also completely non-toxic. This grey is given its particular quality by the addition of a touch of the brilliant Antimony Vermillion. Vermillion itself naturally occurs as the mineral pigment known as cinnebar, much of which is mined in  China, from which we often find ‘China Red’.

Like Crimson, it takes its name from the kermes virmilio, a scale insect which feeds on the sap of the kermes oak. The etymology of the name is interesting also, coming from the Arabic qirmiz (or ‘red’), and earlier still from the Sanskrit krmi-jã (or ‘worm-made’).


 Warm Grey 584N  

PBk11; PW6; PR107

 Warm Grey 584P  

PBk9; PW6; PR107

Warm Grey 584T  

PW6; PBk11; PR101

Warm Grey 584V  

PW6; PBk11; PR101

  Warm Grey 584X  

PW6; PBk11; PR101