Cool Grey Round Pastel Shades

Art Spectrum® Cool Grey Soft Round Pastel shades.

A rich, stormy grey, based on a careful blending of Mars black and Titanium White, this Cool Grey gets its particular hue from a hint of Ultramarine Blue.

The American poet, George Stirling called San Francisco the Cool Grey City of Love after the regular fogs that regularly sweep across the city off the Pacific.

Yet carry me back to my own city!
Carry me back to her grace and pity
For I think I could not rest
Afar from her mighty breast
She is fairer than others are
Whom they sing the beauty of.
Her heart is a song and a star –
My cool, grey city of love.

(This is an excerpt from the poem originally printed in the San Francisco Bulletin, 133: 31, Dec. 11, 1920, p.1)


 Cool Grey 582N  

PBk11; PW6; PB29

 Cool Grey 582P  

PBk9; PW6; PB29

 Cool Grey 582T  

PW6; PBk9; PB29

Cool Grey 582V  

PW6; PBk9; PB28

 Cool Grey 582X  

PW6; PB28