Artist & Designers’ Gouache

Art Spectrum® Gouache is a non-toxic, resoluble, quick-drying, water-based colour of excellent opacity with a consistent, velvety finish that can be applied to create opaque fields of colour or used to create delicate washes like watercolours.

Art Spectrum® Gouache is lightfast with an extremely high level of pigment loading providing excellent covering power and clean mixing abilities. All our colours are made in accordance with the classical tradition.  We use superior quality pigments and binders. Each colour is then carefully triple-milled to maximise the pigments’ brilliance.

Description 22.5ml 30ml 40ml 150ml
Primrose Yellow P2
Yellow Y2
Cadmium Yellow YC2
Naples Yellow NY2
Yellow Deep YD2
Orange O2
Vermilion V2
Cadmium Red RC
Poster Red R2 R15
Crimson CR2
Rose RO2
Magenta MA2
Violet VI2
Prussian Blue PRU2
Phthalo Blue PTB
Ultramarine Blue U2
Cobalt Blue CB2
Cerulean Blue C2
Sky Blue S2
Turquoise T2
Viridian Hue VR2
Dark Green DG2
Middle Green MG2
Light Green LG2
Dusty Pink F2
Yellow Ochre YO2
Raw Sienna RS2
Burnt Sienna BS2
Van Dyke Brown VD2
Burnt Umber BU2
Raw Umber RU2
Sepia SE2
Jet Black JB2
Black B2 BL4  B15
White WH2 WH4 WH15
Primary Red PR2 PR15
Primary Yellow PY2 PY15
Primary Blue PB2 PB15
Gold G3
Silver SI3
Copper CO3
Bronze BR3