Ultramarine Blue Round Pastel Shades

Art Spectrum® Ultramarine Blue Soft Round Pastel shades.

Ultra Blue is one of the most brilliant blues. Like many colours, its name is Latin and translates as ‘Beyond the sea’ probably because it was sourced by Europeans from Asia. Originally it was made from the milling of lapis lazuli. It was one of the most prized pigments used to great effect throughout the late Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance, during which periods it was used extensively by monks in their illuminated manuscripts as well in panel and fresco paintings, like Giotto’s Arena Chapel, where it worked particularly well alongside gold leaf. But it can also be found in 7th century Zoroastrian cave paintings and Buddhist temples in Afghanistan.

The French chemist, Jean Baptiste Guimet who created synthetic Ultramarine in 1828.


Ultramarine Blue 526N  

PB29; PBk11

  Ultramarine Blue 526P  


Ultramarine Blue 526T  


  Ultramarine Blue 526V  

PB29; PW6

Ultramarine Blue 526X  

PW6; PB29