Colourfix™ Original (Medium) Primer

Art Spectrum® Colourfix™ Primer is a fine tooth, quick drying acrylic primer which bonds aggressively to practically any clean, dry surface – all types of papers (300 gsm or heavier recommended), canvas, card, ply, plastic, glass, timber, ceramic and metal. Art Spectrum® Colourfix™ Primer can be applied with brushes, sponges, rollers etc. straight from the pot. 20 colours are available, including Clear*. All colours can be intermixed, or tinted with Art Spectrum Inks or Gouache, to create new shades. The Clear Colourfix™ Primer allows the natural surface or underlying colours to remain visible, whilst providing extra tooth for more overlays. Use Clear and other Art Spectrum® Colourfix™ Primers for mixed media techniques and experimental art and craft works. It can even be used as an adhesive for collage. All colours are available in 250ml pots. Black, White and Clear are also available in 1 litre tubs.

Description 250ML 1LT
white White PWH2 PWH1
white Clear PCL2 PCL1
Sand Sand PSA2
Rich Beige Rich Beige PRB2
Australian Grey Australian Grey PAG2
Soft Umber Soft Umber PSU2
Raw Sienna Raw Sienna PRS2
Terra Cotta Terracotta PT2
Burnt Umber Burnt Umber PBUM2
Rose Grey Rose Grey PGR2
Burgundy Burgundy PBU2
Aubergine Aubergine PAU2
Deep Ultra Deep Ultra PDU2
Storm Blue Storm Blue PSB2
Blue Haze Blue Haze PBH2
Fresh Grey Fresh Grey PFG2
Leaf Green Dark Leaf Green Dark PLG2
Olive Green Olive Green POG2
Elephant Elephant PE2
Black Deep Black PDB2 PDB1