Colourfix™ Pastels Single Sticks

Art Spectrum® Colourfix™ Pastels have been carefully made to closely match the colours of Art Spectrum® Colourfix™ Papers, Boards and Primers. The pastels are very soft, enabling them to go easily over existing layers of pastel.

Like all Art Spectrum® products they are made with the most light-fast, non-toxic pigments available.

Available as standard round size in 20 individual colours.

Art Spectrum® Colourfix™’ Soft Pastels – 70mm x 12mm

Also available is the Art Spectrum® Colourfix™ Pastels 1/2 stick Set of 20

Description Code
white White CPW
Natural-Clear Clear CPN
Sand Sand CPS
Rich Beige Rich Beige CPRB
Australian Grey Australian Grey CPAG
Soft Umber Soft Umber CPSU
Raw Sienna Raw Sienna CPRS
Terra Cotta Terracotta CPT
Burnt Umber Burnt Umber CPBU
Rose Grey Rose Grey CPRG
Burgundy Burgundy CPB
Aubergine Aubergine CPAU
Deep Ultra Deep Ultra CPDU
Storm Blue Storm Blue CPSB
Blue Haze Blue Haze CPBH
Fresh Grey Fresh Grey CPFG
Leaf Green Dark Leaf Green Dark CPLGD
Olive Green Olive Green CPOG
Elephant Elephant CPE
Black Deep Black CPDB