Studio Oils

Art Spectrum® Studio Oil is a secondary range called Art Prism.

Art Prism is a one series range of 26 oil colours.

All colours are made to the same exacting standards and methods as our professional Art Spectrum® Finest Artists’ Oil Colours.

This Studio Oil range has a buttery consistency and provides a balanced palette capable of producing almost unlimited clean colour mixes. All colours are lightfast and non toxic and can be used together with Art Spectrum® Finest Artists’ Oil Colours, mediums and varnishes.


Name 40ml (PK 3) 150ml
Lemon Yellow APLY4 APLY1
Cadmium Yellow Hue APCY4 APCY1
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue APCYD4 APCYD1
Cadmium Orange Hue APCO4 APCO1
Cadmium Red Hue APCR4 APCR1
Cadimum Red Deep Hue APCRD4 APCRD1
Alizarin Crimson Hue APAC4 APAC1
Magenta APM4 APM1
Dioxazine Purple APDP4 APDP1
French Ultramarine APFU4 APFU1
Cobalt Blue Hue APCB4 APCB1
Cerulean Blue Hue APCE4 APCE1
Phthalo Blue APPB4 APPB1
Viridian Hue APVH4 APVH1
Sap Green APSG4 APSG1
Naples Yellow APNY4 APNY1
Yellow Ochre APYO4 APYO1
Raw Sienna APRS4 APRS1
Burnt Sienna APBS4 APBS1
Burnt Umber APBU4 APBU1
Raw Umber APRU4 APRU1
Flesh Tint APFT4 APFT1
Paynes Grey APPG4 APPG1
Ivory Black APB4 APB1
Titanium White APW4 APW1
Zinc White APZ4 APZ1