Soft Round Pastel Sets of 6

Art Spectrum® Artists’ Soft Pastels – Six Pack

Art Spectrum® Soft Pastels provide artists with colours that are pure and brilliant. The highest quality pigments sourced from around the world are triple milled at maximum concentration producing smouldering darks, intense pure colours and a range of subtle and delicate tints.

Art Spectrum® Artist Soft Pastel Six Packs are small sets of six related colours. They are a ready made selection to help the artist build up a range for their studio creativity– the carefully chosen colour combinations in the 14 different sets do the job for them. The names of each set describe the colour content. There are no repeated colours in the 14 sets. The full collection will provide artists with a colour selection suitable for any subject matter.

Art Spectrum® Artists’ Six Packs contain 6 Standard Pastels – 70mm x 12mm


Code  Description – Set of 6 Pastels



Six Pack Pastels – Lightest Lights




Six Pack Pastels – Fiery Warms




Six Pack Pastels – Red Wine ‘n’ Roses




Six Pack Pastels – Blues ‘n’ Violets




Six Pack Pastels – Moody Blues




Six Pack Pastels – Winter Greens




Six Pack Pastels – Summer Greens




Six Pack Pastels – Autumn Earths




Six Pack Pastels – Rich Earths





Six Pack Pastels – Stone Tones




Six Pack Pastels – Black, Whites & Between




Six Pack Pastels – Darkest Darks

Art Spectrum® Artist Extra Soft Pastel are extra pale colours that are very soft. They are perfect for those finishing touches and highlights, which can be applied over the top of previously applied colours. The Extra Soft Pastels in either warm or cool tints have subtle highlights of yellows, pinks, blues, greens and violets.


Code Description – Set of 6 Pastels



Six Pack Extra Soft Pastels – Cool Tints





Six Pack Extra Soft Pastels – Warm Tints