Pigmented Inks

Art Spectrum® Pigmented Inks are fast drying, lightfast ASTM 1 & 2, water-resistant, non-toxic, intense colours with a smooth even flow that can be used as transparent washes, layered tints or bold fields of strong colour. Because they are pigmented they do not fade like traditional dye based inks and will intermix cleanly.

Use with brushes, drawing and calligraphy pens and airbrushes on most clean, non greasy surfaces such as paper, board, wood and primed canvas. Ideal for multi-media artwork.

Description 50ML 500ML
Black PIB6 PIB5
Blue PIB6 PIB5
Burnt Sienna PIBS6 PIBS5
Crimson PIC6 PIC5
Green PIG6 PIG5
Magenta PIM6 PIM5
Orange PIO6 PIO5
Sepia PIS6 PIS5
Turquoise PIT6 PIT5
Violet PIV6 PIV5
White PIW6 PIW5
Yellow PIY6 PIY5