Series 950 Stiff Synthetic Brush

Art Spectrum® Series 950 Stiff Synthetic Brush

Developed in Europe for Art Spectrum®, this series 950 stiff synthetic brush range is an excellent example of the latest synthetic fibre advancements. The strength and special mix of these new interlocked fibres create a brush perfectly suited for impasto work. The fibres’ elasticity resists the brush head spreading under pressure therefore enabling precise brushstrokes whilst keeping the original shape intact even after intensive use.

Stiff synthetic brushes are often too rigid and have a tendency to drag the paint across the canvas surface. Art Spectrum® series 950 allows the artist to lay paint down with complete control.

Art Spectrum® series 950 has a nickel-plated brass ferrule and is available in Round, Flat, Filbert and Bright in 10 sizes.

Description Size 0 Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14
Round 950R.0 950R.1 950R.2 950R.3 950R.4 950R.6 950R.8 950R.10 950R.12 950R.14
Flat 950FL.0 950FL.1 950FL.2 950FL.3 950FL.4 950FL.6 950FL.8 950FL.10 950FL.12 950FL.14
Filbert 950KF.0 950KF.1 950KF.2 950KF.3 950KF.4 950KF.6 950KF.8 950KF.10 950KF.12 950KF.14
Bright 950B.0 950B.1 950B.2 950B.3 950B.4 950B.6 950B.8 950B.10 950B.12 950B.14