Imitation Mongoose Brush

Extremely fine synthetic hair for fine detail and smooth colour application. The interlocked fibres are soft but hold their shape with good spring. Softer than bristle but firmer than sable. Long maroon coloured handle with gold ferrule. Available in Rounds, Flats, Filberts and Fans. Suitable for oils, acrylics and water media.

Description Size 0 Size 2 Size 4 Size 6 Size 8 Size 12 Size 16
Round IMR.0 IMR.02 IMR.04 IMR.08 IMR.12 IMR.16
Flat IMFL.0 IMFL.02 IMFL.04 IMFL.08 IMFL.12 IMFL.16
Filbert IMKF.0 IMKF.02 IMKF.04 IMKF.08 IMKF.12 IMKF.16
Fan IMF.02 IMF.04 IMF.06