Prisma Favini

Prisma Favini from Art Spectrum®, is a high quality, 220gsm paper. It is acid free, coloured in the pulp and long lasting. One side is a delicate felt-marked surface, which provides excellent grip for pastels, charcoal and the other side is smooth. The broad range of 27 colours, from delicate pastel shades to strong, bright colours makes Prisma Favini ideal for various applications such as display and presentation, paper construction, collage, pastel and charcoal paintings, coloured pencils, pen and ink, origami, report covers etc

Description Number A4
(50 Sheets)
50 – 70Cm
(20 Sheets)
305 – 305mm
(50 Sheets)
Celeste 23 A33T054 A33T012
Nero 16 A33A054 A33A012 PBLE
Camoscio 12 A33R054 A33R012
Marrone 8 A33N054 A33N012
Caffe 7 A33L054 A33L012
Blu 26 A33K054 A33K012
Ciclamino 32 A339054 A339012
Grigio 15 A33W054 A33W012
Verde 37 A33D054 A33D012
Ghiaccio 13 A33U054 A33U012
Avorio 11 A33Q054 A33Q012 PIE
Indaco 38 A33O054 A33O012
Girasole 92 A33Z054 A33Z012
Lilla 24 A338054 A338012
Arancio 3 A33E054 A33E012
Turchese 25 A33G054 A33G012
Verde Pino 20 A336054 A336012
Pistacchio 18 A33P054 A33P012
Rubino 5 A333054 A333012
Rosa 31 A33S054 A33S012
Scarlatto 4 A33C054 A33C012
Salmone 90 A335054 A335012
Tobacco 10 A33H054 A33H012
Oceano 91 A334054 A334012
Viola 19 A33J054 A33J012
Bianco 22 A330054 A330012 PWHE
Giallo 2 A33B054 A33B012