Liquid Spectrum Inks

Art Spectrum® Liquid Spectrum Inks are brilliant, water-resistant, non-toxic, lightfast ASTM 1 & 2 colours that have twice the pigment concentration of standard ink ranges. The colour strength allows them to be diluted to Watercolour like washes or used undiluted to make bold, vibrant artworks. When intermixed and used in conjunction with Liquid Spectrum Metallics this range creates an unlimited vibrant palette for the artist. Blue Wool Scale ratings of 6,7,& 8 are considered permanent for artistic purposes.

Liquid Spectrum Inks 50ml 250ml
Lemon Yellow LSL LSL2
Spectrum Yellow LSY LSY2
Spectrum Orange LSO LSO2
Spectrum Red LSR LSR2
Spectrum Red deep LSRD LSRD2
Permanent Magenta LSM LSPM2
Permanent Violet LSV LSV2
Ultramarine Blue LSU LSU2
Phthalo Blue LSPB LSPB2
White LSW LSW2
Metallic Gold LSG LSG2
Metallic Silver LSSI LSSI2
Metallic Copper LSC LSC2
Metallic Bronze LSBR LSBR2
Metallic Pearlescent LSP LSP2
Turquoise LST LST2
Phthalo Green LSPG LSPG2
Burnt Sienna LSBS LSBS2
Sepia LSS LSS2
Black LSB LSB2