Creative Painting Knives

Art Spectrum’s® range of Creative Painting Knives are heavy duty, European made, large Painting Knives with tempered stainless steel mirror blades and a natural wood handle with brass rivets.

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Size Code
 knives-PK1 10CM PK1
 knives-PK2 12CM PK2
 knives-PK3 12CM PK3
 knives-PK4 16CM PK4
 knives-PK5 15CM PK5
 knives-PK6 15CM PK6
 knives-PK7 12CM PK7
 knives-PK8 12CM PK8
 knives-PK9 14CM PK9
 knives-PK10 15CM PK10
 knives-PK11 20CM PK11
 knives-PK12 21CM PK12
 knives-PK13 21CM PK13
 knives-PK14 15CM PK14
 knives-PK15 14CM PK15
 knives-PK16 13CM PK16
 knives-PK17 12CM PK17
knives-PK18 10CM PK18