Series 2000 Interlocked Chungking Bristle

The Series 2000 brush range is made with the finest interlocked Chungking bristle. Long, muted deep green handles with copper coated seamless brass ferrules. These brushes provide wonderful control, paint carrying capacity, spring and longevity. Perfect for oils and acrylics. Available in Rounds, Flats and Filberts.

Description Size 1 Size 2 Size 4 Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12
Round 2000R.01 2000R.02 2000R.04 2000R.06 2000R.08 2000R.10 2000R.12
Flat 2000FL.01 2000FL.02 2000FL.04 2000FL.06 2000FL.08 2000FL.10 2000FL.12
Filbert 2000KF.01 2000KF.02 2000KF.04 2000KF.06 2000KF.08 2000KF.10 2000KF.12