AS Studio Series Natural Bristle Brush Set #1


Art Spectrum® Studio Series Natural Bristle Brush Set #1

Natural bristle brushes are the traditional choice of artists for oil and acrylic painting.

Set of 5 includes: Round Size 2 and 8, Bright Size 2 and 8, Filbert Size 6

Round brushes: Round brushes have tapered tips making them highly versatile. Useful for sketching, outlining, creating brush strokes with varying thicknesses and fine detailed work.

Bright brushes: Creates short, controlled strokes. Use flat or on the chisel edge to create crisp edges. Ideal for blocking in colour, shading, blending and highlighting.

Filbert brushes: The curved tip allows for soft brushwork and blending colours.
Ideal for filling in circular areas.

Cleaning: Acrylic painting – wash up in water and clean bristles with soap if necessary.

Oil painting – wipe any excess oil paint off the bristles. Clean with Art Spectrum Brush and Hand Cleaner or Art Spectrum Odourless Solvent. Finally clean the bristles on a bar of soap then rinse in warm water.