Pastel Pads

Art Spectrum® Pastel Pad range comes in 3 sizes A5, A4 & A3 in 220 gsm dual surface available in 5 different references White, Black, Assorted Blues, Assorted Greys and Assorted Australian colours with a 15 sheet count.

The Italian pastel paper has a dual surface with one side felt marked giving it an even layered tooth for all pastel, pencils and charcoal and the smooth for craft. Acid Free (including the Black) Chlorine free, 100% Cellulose and FSC certified making it ideal for the professional and hobbyist alike.

Description A5 A4 A3
White 666055 666004 666003
Black 666015 666014 666013
Assorted Blues 666025 666024 666023
Assorted Greys 666035 666034 666033
Australian Colours 666045 666044 666043