**New** AS Golden Synthetic Brush Set Long Handle in Cyclinder – Set 12


Art Spectrum® Studio Series Golden Synthetic Brush Set Long Handle in Cyclinder – Set 12

Made from the highest quality Golden Taklon hair these brushes are ideal for watercolour, gouache, acrylic painting and all other water-based media.  Golden Taklon provides a medium stiffness that allows the hairs to spring back into perfect shape.

Set of 12 includes:

  • Round Size 0, 2, 4
  • Flat Size 2, 4, 6, 10
  • Angle Shader 4
  • Filbert 6, 10

Round brushes: Round brushes have tapered tips making them highly versatile. Useful for sketching, outlining, creating brush strokes with varying thicknesses and fine detailed work.

Flat brushes: Flat brushes have a square end allowing the artist to make bold strokes and straight angular marks, fill in larger areas with paint and apply washes.

Angle brushes: Angle brushes allow the artist to create curved strokes with a different thicknesses and to fill in small areas such as shapes with corners.

Filbert brushes: The curved tip allows for soft brushwork and blending colours.  Ideal for filling in circular areas.

Cleaning: Acrylic painting – wash up in water and clean bristles with soap if necessary.  Oil painting – wipe any excess oil paint off the bristles.  Clean with Art Spectrum® Brush and Hand Cleaner or Art Spectrum® Odourless Solvent.  Finally clean the bristles on a bar of soap then rinse in warm water.