Soft Round Pastel Sets

Art Spectrum® Round Pastels Sets present colours in many combinations for easy selection and use by the pastellist. Sets available include ‘Seascape’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Portrait’ and ‘Flowers’, as well as our range of smouldering ‘Darks’ and vibrant ‘Assorted’ colours. Sets of 60’s Assorted (in timber box) provide the artist with very subtle and vibrant colour combinations. The Half Stick Pastel Sets (20’s and 40’s) as well as sets of 30 and 60 pastels, all have foam liners to protect each pastel stick from damage as well as limiting dust during use. Used pastels and segments store easily in the foam liners.

Description Code
SoftPastel15-resized Assorted Box Set of 15 A15
SoftPastel15-resized Darks Box Set of 15 D15
SoftPastel15-resized Landscape Box Set of 15 L15
SoftPastel15-resized Portrait Box Set of 15 P15
Description Code
6pack Six Pack Pastel Autumn Earths 6PO8
6pack six Pack Pastel Black, Whites & Between 6PO11
6pack Six Pack Pastel Blues ‘n’ Violets 6PO4
6pack Six Pack Pastel Darkest Darks 6PO12
6pack Six Pack Pastel Fiery Warms 6PO2
6pack Six Pack Pastel Lightest Lights 6PO1
6pack Six Pack Pastel Moody Blues 6PO5
6pack Six Pack Pastel Red Wine ‘n’ Roses 6PO3
6pack Six Pack Pastel Rich Earths 6PO9
6pack Six Pack Pastel Stones Tones 6PO10
6pack Six Pack Pastel Summer Greens 6PO7
6pack Six Pack Pastel Winter Greens 6PO6
Six Pack Extra Soft Pastel Cool Tints 6PO13X
Six Pack Extra Soft Pastel Warm Tints 6PO14X
Description Code
Pastel-Grey-Tonal-Set12-resized Grey Tonal Box Set of 12 A12GT
Description Code
Pastel-Life-Drawing-Set12-resized Life Drawing Box Set of 12 A12LD
Description Code
SoftPastel30-resized Assorted Box Set of 30 A30
SoftPastel30-resized Darks Box Set of 30 D30
SoftPastel30-resized Flowers Box Set of 30 F30
SoftPastel30-resized Landscape Box Set of 30 L30
SoftPastel30-resized Portrait Box Set of 30 P30
SoftPastel30-resized Seascape Box Set of 30 S30
Description Code
Pastelhalfsticks2-resized Half Sticks Pastel Box Set of 20 HSA20
Pastelhalfsticks2-resized Half Sticks Pastel Box Set of 40 HSA40
Description Code
SoftPastel60-resized Assorted Wooden Box Set of 60 A6
Description Code
SoftPastelDeluxe-resized Deluxe Full Set Wooden Box Set of 154 ASDPB
Description Code
SoftPastel120-resized Empty Wooden Pastel Box for 60 with 2 Foam Inserts EPB60
SoftPastel120-resized Empty Wooden Pastel Box for 154 with 6 Foam Inserts EBDPB
SoftPastel120-resized Foam Inserts for 30 Pastels FIS