The “Grandissimo” broad brush series.These beautiful brushes have been specially designed for large paintings and murals. The selected, tapered synthetic bi-colour filament is not only visually appealing, but was developed specifically to handle thick paint and medium applications. The four different styles in the Grandissimo series are ideal for all kinds of painting forms and special effects. All styles are available in both 2” and 3” (50mm and 75mm) widths.

• Sheet metal ferrule

• For spreading paint on large surfaces

• Perfect for priming suitable

• For effect painting

• For impasto media

• Strong synthetic fiber

• Exciting effects due to two different hair lengths

• Very modern handle color

• Good paint holding capacity

Description Size 2″ Size 3″
Slanted Long Handle 7002.02
Rounded Long Handle 7003.02 7003.03